Larry Shushan - Owner and General Manager of KPRI


Jack Barnard

Station Manager

…Jack understood what KPRI had been doing. Finally, the company realized that they had made a mistake and in April '69, hired Jack as the new GM.

Linda Dienes Daley


Guardian at the Gate

Diane Finer


Traffic Manager


Joanne Hiedrick



Karen Shushan


Office Manager

Above: Important memo from Dex Allen to the broadcast staff.


Right: Typical staff reaction to any office memo.


Below: Nick Schram being a very important office person.



Pulse Ratings July / August 1968, the first time that KPRI shows up in the ratings.

Hooper Ratings October / November 1968, KPRI is the top rated FM station in San Diego

Pulse Ratings January / March 1969, KPRI is number 3 among all San Diego radio stations, AM or FM.

January-February 1969 1968 - HOOPER

The ARB Ratings are released for April/May 1969 and for the first time since the Top40 experiment, KPRI is back to #4 among all San Diego stations AM & FM. Among young males, KPRI was tied for #1 with KCBQ.

Hooper Ratings September / October 1969, KPRI continues to be #1 among FM stations and slips to #4 over all in the San Diego market.

Hooper Ratings December 69 / January 70 KPRI returns to #3 among all stations in San Diego.

Station owner Larry Shushan replies to Lou Curtis's San Diego Door article.