O.B. JETTY - Steve Brown
The original KPRI Studio under the drug store at 2850 5th Ave in San Diego. Standing in the corner in this shot is Solomon Grundy - Greg Willis.
O.B. always had the best records, often English copies with better art and vinyl.
Acmad the Revolving and O.B. Jetty early 1968
O.B. on a remote broadcast
The original photo that the "O.B. Jetty post card" was made from
Many of these shots came from a little later in the spring of 1968, including the famous post card pictured above.
The Paisley Pelican was the first sponsor of the KPRI Midnight to 3am show
The shots above were taken at the 1970 KPRI Reunion
A KPRI Moment from Steve Brown
This relayed from Steve Brown March 2 2010 It was 42 years ago on a Saturday morning that I grabbed a PSA...
flight for a weekend liberty back home to San Francisco and then made it
back in time to KPRI Sunday night to go on the air at midnight. Buck,
Ron or Greg must have covered the Saturday night show. One of the perks
with my Navy gig was the use of the portable Uher 440 reel to reel
recorder. So on Saturday night March 2, 1968, I put the American
taxpayers monies to good use and recorded Cream live at Winterland.
KPRI and the WESPAC Fleet would be hearin' some great live Cream real
soon. Before leaving Winterland I was informed that the Grateful Dead
were planning to play for free Sunday midday on Haight Street. I still
had another reel of blank tape, and a pretty much used up battery from
Saturday night. Sunday before noon in from of the Straight Theater on Haight, I was snapping a few shots on my Canon loaded with U.S.N. b&w
Tri-X 400, I turn around and coming up Haight Street carrying his guitar
case and beaming a vibe like he was about to have just as much fun as
all of us, was Jerry. The gods of good timing and dumb luck were
gifting me that day. The photo turned out to be one of Jerry's
favorites and a blow-up of it is in the Fillmore lobby. The band
cranked up and the people jammed Haight St. from Cole to Masonic with
the Uher rolling. 22 minutes of "Viola Lee Blues" had the crowd
screaming, "Smokestack Lightning", "Lovelight" and "It Hurts Me Too"
made it another 31 minutes until the battery die. Couldn't wait to get
back to KPRI with these tapes. Got on at midnight Sunday/Monday and
billed the program that night as a "delayed simulcast" of the Grateful
Dead live on Haight Street just hours ago. And for a late night dessert
some fresh Cream live from that great weekend at home in San Francisco.
42 years ago